Confessions of a Vice Baron

Sexploitation Filmmakers Meet the Academy

A Roundtable Discussion Presented by the Department of Cinema Studies at New York University

Friday, April 18 & Friday, April 25, 2003

Sexploitation 101: Important Films from the Sixties Sexploitation Milieu

In conjunction with the conference "Confessions of a Vice Baron: Sexploitation Filmmakers Meet the Academy," two evenings of screenings of key films from the Sixties sex-exploitation genre have been organized. All screenings will be on video and will take place in the Department of Cinema Studies Screening Room 651, 721 Broadway, Tisch School of the Arts. All are welcome.

Friday, April 18th, 7:00 – 11:00 PM

Olga's Girls will open our series of screenings on Friday, April 18.

Olga's Girls
1964, 72 mins., directed by Joseph P. Mawra
Selection from the pivotal "Olga" series that helped define the "roughie-kinky" genre. Dominatrix Olga Saglo, played by Audrey Campbell, drives young women to lives of addiction and prostitution. A non-explicit blend of stag aesthetics and pseudo-reportage.
The Beast That Killed Women
1965, color, 60 mins., directed by Barry Mahon
Late manifestation of the Kennedy-era "nudist film." A gorilla is found to be running amuck in a Florida nudist camp. Interiors shot in New York feature numerous well-known sexploitation starlets. Unintentional camp and nudity typical of the nudist sub-genre.
Bad Girls Go to Hell
1965, 70 mins., directed by Doris Wishman
The only independent woman producer/director working in sex-exploitation, Bad Girls exemplified Doris Wishman's mid-Sixties aesthetic. A black & white melodrama concerning the fate of a woman who murders her rapist. Photographed by C. Davis Smith.

Friday, April 25th, 7:00 – 11:00 PM

Radley Metzger's The Lickerish Quartert will close our series of screenings on Friday, April 25.

1968, 75 mins., directed by Joseph W. Sarno
Black and white precursor to the color soft-core genre, Vibrations represents a watershed in the career of Joseph Sarno, probably the most prolific filmmaker within the sex-exploitation milieu. Tense psycho-sexual drama, powerful eroticism, with minimalist light and staging.
The Curse of Her Flesh
1968, 75 mins., directed by Michael Findlay
Most perverse of the late-Sixties "roughie-ghoulies," Findlay's "Curse" trilogy combines unexpected visual experimentation with blood and thunder misogyny. Strange and brilliant, starring the late director. One of Findlay's earlier efforts (Satan's Bed) features Yoko Ono.
The Lickerish Quartet
1970, 90 mins., directed by Radley Metzger
Exemplary of Radley Metzger's glossy, cultivated variation on the softcore theme. A jaded aristocratic family becomes involved with a mysterious woman they think they have seen in a stag film. Vibrant, carefully plotted. "An outrageously kinky masterpiece," –Andy Warhol.

Special thanks to First Run Features for permission to reproduce these images.